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KID KARMA was founded 2015 in Berlin by like-minded individuals who wanted to express their views and experiences through an innovative, conscious fashion and lifestyle concept.

Inspired by a rough Berlin street style, KID KARMA combines classic essentials with a considered aesthetic. Understated appearance and strong statements are the phenomenon and philosophy.

KID KARMA is more than fashion. It is about changing the world for the better, generating a ripple effect that spreads an inherent positive message.

Good vibes – good KARMA

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Production = Responsibility

We faithfully want to know where and how our products are produced, so we cut out all the middlemen. We are in personal touch with all our factories, constantly improving processes and conditions for both sides.

On the one hand this means we can go to sleep with a clear conscience, on the other, it means that you can enjoy great quality for a nobel price. To us it’s vital that you can wear KID KARMA with an all round feel good factor.


Kid Karma offers stylish and down-to-earth streetwear, with an eco-conscious lifestyle. High-quality and soft materials combined with cutting-edge designs to bring you the ultimate combination of fashion and comfort. From cool skater hoodies, t-shirts and relaxed sweatpants to hip accessories like snapbacks and beanies – Kid Karma is your daily dose of street style.

Join us in building your Karma with our collaborations for a good cause. This season our project is a kitbag designed in collaboration with inmates from a facility in Berlin with all proceeds going to the social rehabilitation of ex-prisoners. And we are already full of ideas for the next one. Ready for some new favorites in your closet? All Kid Karma products can be easily ordered online at kidkarma.com with free shipping!